Oleh: karolina koli

Minggu, 5 Desember 2021 08:58 WIB


ABSTRACT By: Karolina Koli, S.Pd – Physics Teacher at SMAN 5 Kupang The world of education in Indonesia is currently experiencing a crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. This is a problem for all components, especially for educators, students and parents because they are not fully prepared mentally, on time, with the right method and learning process. The previously conventional learning system must be replaced with online learning. In the process it turns out that the learning is less effective and efficient. On the other hand, students are very quick to master technology, but on the other hand, they also lack understanding of the teaching materials provided by educators. The purpose of this research is to find the right method to be a solution in the learning process. Blended learning can be defined as a combination of online learning models and offline learning models (face to face). This method is very important because it can foster literacy skills, develop creative thinking and innovation so as to produce a millennial generation with intelligent character. The method in this study uses qualitative research. The process of collecting data is done by using a questionnaire. The results of the case study illustrate that the "blended learning" method is the right solution for the millennial generation in the learning process to meet the 21st century era.